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FMK19004N Jan 1969 to Dec 1973 1.6Ltr. 6 Bolt cover
FMK24021N Jan 1971 to Dec 1973 3.0Ltr. V6
KIK22501N Oct 1989 to Jul 1994 SA, SC, SE, 1.6Ltr. Turbo, DOHC 16V
MZK19005N Jan 1989 to Sep 1990 SA, Convertible, 1.6Ltr. SOHC
MZK20006N Oct 1990 to Apr 1992 SA, Convertible, 1.6Ltr. DOHC 16V
MZK20006N Nov 1992 to Jul 1993 SC Convertible, 1.6Ltr. DOHC 16V
MZK20006N Aug 1993 to Jul 1994 SE Convertible, 1.6Ltr. DOHC 16V
TBA Jan 1972 to Dec 1974 3.1Ltr. RS V6 Roll Tip Diaphragm