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TYK25001N Jul 1996 to Feb 2003 RZJ95, 2.7Ltr. 3RZFE Eng
TYK25001N Mar 2003 & Onwards RZJ120, 2.7Ltr. 3RZFE Eng
TYK25002N Jul 1996 to Feb 2003 VZJ95, 3.4Ltr. V6, 5VZFE Eng
TYK26008N Oct 2000 to Feb 2003 KZJ95, 3.0Ltr. 1KZTE
TYK27527N Mar 2003 & Onwards KZJ120, 3.0Ltr. Turbo Diesel
TYK27528N Mar 2003 to Aug 2004 GRJ120R, 4.0Ltr. V6, 5 Speed
TYK27529N Aug 2004 & Onwards GRJ120R, 4.0Ltr. V6, 6 Speed