Highway Clutch & Brake
Manufacturer Toyota Light Commercial
Model Estima
Year Jan 1992 & Onwards
Size x Spline O.D x No of Teeth 236 x 29.8 x 21
Specifications CXR10G, 11G, 20G, 21G, 2.2Ltr. Turbo Diesel, 3CT NOTE: OEM is a Dual Mass F/W, This kit to suit Solid F/W.
OE Replacement Kit TYK23609N
Replacement Kit With Solid Flywheel  
OE Kit With Optional Button Plate  
OE Kit With Optional Woven-Button Plate  
OE Kit With Optional Cushion Button Plate  
OE Kit With Dual Friction Plate  
Heavy Duty Kit  
Heavy Duty Kit With Button Plate  
Heavy Duty Kit With Cushion Button Plate  
Heavy Duty Race Kit